Red Sun Tri-Minus Tea

Red Sun Tri-Minus Tea

20 teabags/box

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• Minus Sugar Intake
• Minus Fat Intake
• Minus Stress
• Made in Japan

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With so many food choices available today, it is definitely difficult not to over eat. However frequent indulgence in your favourite foods can cause a buildup of sugar and fat which can be harmful to the body.

Furthermore, today’s fast pace of life and large workloads have caused many people to suffer from high levels of stress. As a result, these people become more prone to developing high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Red Sun Tri-Minus Tea is made of Ashitaba, a miracle health giving herb from Japan. It can strengthen your body’s self-healing capabilities, reduce fat and sugar intake by the body and lower stress levels.

Drink Red Sun Tri-Minus Tea every day to build and maintain a foundation for good health. 

20 teabags

Ashitaba Leaves

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