About Us

RedSun is a manufacturer and distributor of health products and supplements, and we are renowned for our made-in-Japan products. Over 20 years, we have established ourselves as a trusted business in the health supplements industry.

Our Company

In 1994, there was a national craze for Ling Zhi health supplements, owing to the launch of RedSun’s first product – the Red Sun Ling Zhi. This significant milestone signified the beginning of RedSun’s business, as Red Sun Ling Zhi quickly became the preferred choice of Ling Zhi supplement in Singapore.

RedSun is a manufacturer and distributor of health products and supplements, and we are renowned for our made-in-Japan products. With over 20 years of experience and forging strong relationships with our loyal customers, we continue to win the support of many in Singapore.

Over the two decades, we continue to work closely with Japanese companies to develop new health products and provide a varied choice for our customers. Amongst the range include:

  • Red Sun 3-In-1 Ling Zhi Spores
  • Red Sun Japan Chlorella
  • Red Sun Spirulina
  • Red Sun Isoflavone Essence
  • Red Sun Lamb Placenta
  • Red Sun Cholesser
  • Red Sun Gingold
  • Red Sun Takara Detox Patch

The reception to our products were positive, and coupled with our reliability and trustworthiness in conducting our business, it has allowed us to earn a noteworthy reputation in the health supplement industry.

As the business grew, so did our network of manufacturers. Our manufacturers have now grown to include more than 7 prefectures in Japan. Our distribution network spans the whole island of Singapore, and we are equally capable of serving customers beyond our borders.

RedSun is committed to provide high quality products at affordable prices so that more customers can improve their health without having to spend a fortune.


Why RedSun?

Trusted Business for Over 20 Years

Having served our customers for more than two decades, it goes without saying that we have established a loyal base of customers that have trusted us from the beginning.

With our commitment to serving our customers with dedication, integrity and transparency, we have built up a strong foundation of a business that serves to aid the community and its health.

Safe & Reliable Products

We have never had any complaints about the safety of our products, because all of our products are manufactured in Japan, which adhere to the strictest quality standards set by regulatory authorities such as the Japanese Ministry of Health.

Our selection of manufacturers follows a rigorous process, and the manufacturing process is conducted in strict hygiene conditions.
As such, you can be assured that our products are safe for consumption.

High Quality & Affordable Option

RedSun strives to provide products to our customers that speak of great quality. We cover a wide number of health benefits within our range such as for the heart, brain, immunity support, digestion and products that aid in healthy aging. In addition, we also have teas and personal care products to complete the range.
At the same time, we retain the same affordable price point for all of our products so that everyone can benefit from RedSun health supplements.

Our goal is to bring good health to our customers with the utmost convenience and affordability.

RedSun is always committed to ensure the highest product quality standards to give our customers a peace of mind.

Our Range
RedSun’s Japan-made products help to prevent health issues with its range of supplements, teas and personal care products.



REDSUN represents six of our major business philosophies:

We pride ourselves on reliable products and trustworthy service.

We treat all our employees fairly, enabling them to achieve entrepreneurial success with flexibility and a progressively flat hierarchy

We are dutiful in our tasks, fulfilling them to the very best of our capabilities.

We are sincere about providing good health to our customers, and we work hard to bring you the best products that keep you lively and robust.

Unity forms the basis of our business’ philosophy, as all employees of RedSun strive towards the same goal – that is to uphold the trustworthy and reliable name of RedSun in the health supplements industry.

We are very focused on the precise details that make up our products. Our care in the minute details makes sure that every product that leaves our factory is marked with the quality that we are proud of.