When it comes to helping the underprivileged, we can definitely do more than just giving an annual cheque to an institution. At RedSun, we want to use creative ways to reach out to the community for collaboration, leverage on the synergy and increased awareness to create the long-term support needed to make a lasting difference to the institution.

“Do not withhold good from the deserving when it is within your power to act.”

As cliché as it sounds, little drops of water do make a mighty ocean, and Mr. Steve Lim, Managing Director of RedSun Singapore, is a strong believer of that. He also feels that if more local businesses could set aside just a little contribution for charity work and activities, our community can become a more vibrant and harmonious one filled with warmth, joy and love.

“We need to be openhanded towards the poor and needy around us.”

Steve feels that it is good to be competitive in charity work, just like in business. Because it is the vulnerable and underprivileged ones who will benefit from the good we do. I hope more people would pay attention to the less fortunate ones and not ignore whatever small contribution each can make. If you have the ability, do contribute to the needy ones” (Mr. Steve Lim, Managing Director, RedSun Singapore)

RedSun kickstarted a series of fundraising events for Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital since year 2011, a name not familiar to many Singaporeans yet.

“I had always thought that KWSH was a privately-run medical institution until I came to know from a newspaper advertisement in 2010 that it is a charity hospital with more than 100 years of history. At that time, I started having an inexplicable desire to help raise funds for the hospital.” (Mr. Steve Lim, Managing Director, RedSun Singapore).

Since year 2012, RedSun Singapore has hosted charity drives to raise funds for KWSH’s operating and redevelopment costs.

The first collaboration was made with 100.3FM and Made in Candy. As the main sponsor, RedSun engaged radio station 100.3FM to promote a telepoll campaign that ran over 3 months from 27 February 2012 where listeners can donate simply by dialling numbers for $20 or $50 options. This campaign ended successfully with many donations from listeners and increase in awareness of KWSH.

Besides the telepoll campaign, an event was held on 10th March to invite the public to the Hospital to make their donations and at the same time, get a chance to meet with their favourite DJs from 100.3FM. In return for their kind support, walk-in donors received a goodie bag and packet of candies sponsored by Red Sun and Made In Candy.

RedSun sponsored the 2nd Telepoll donation in 2014 by purchasing a programme slot on FM 958 to host the 2nd radio telepoll donation.

The donation drive results soared above expectations, to the satisfaction of RedSun and KWSH Hospital.

“I am satisfied to see such results, about S$200,000 raised, through lower advertising and production costs in the radio fundraising programme, as compared to television. Moreover, many listenership had also been captured through such recent publicity. I believe that this will lead to more listeners making donations to KWSH in the future, and we should be able to raise even more in the radio telepoll fundraising next year!” (Mr. Steve Lim, Managing Director of RedSun Singapore)

“Christmas is about the spirit of gratitude and a special time for giving thanks so we really wanted them to feel our appreciation.”

In December 2013, RedSun, then located in Kaki Bukit Place, puts up a banner to invite foreign workers living in the nearby dormitories to come down to RedSun’s office to receive Christmas goodie bags.

RedSun’s staff used this chance to exchange conversations with the foreign workers and this gifts of gratitude, albeit a small one, has warmed the hearts of the foreign workers as many left with a smile beaming across their faces.

RedSun used this chance to show respect, appreciation and fair treatment of foreign workers and would plans to engage in similar outreach activities

“As we bless people, we are reminded time and time again, that it’s also a blessing to be able to give to those who truly have a need.”

RedSun collaborated with 100.3FM and Community Development Council (CDC) to give out basic commodities to low income families in Singapore which was open to the public to join.

In the RedSun sponsored goodie bags, it included many items hand packed by our staff, such as cooking oil, rice, salt, vinegar, sauces, instant beverages and biscuits.

During the distribution, radio DJs from 100.3FM and members of the public joined us for an eventful day a day of giving back to our community. We knocked on the doors of all the households following a list provided by CDC and handed over the goodie bags to the families.