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RED SUN Hairiser (Value Pack of 3)

RED SUN Hairiser (Value Pack of 3)

60 capsules x 3 bottles

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• Promotes healthy hair
• Made in Japan

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Be it at work or leisure, having a full head of healthy hair is essential in creating a good impression. Unfortunately, many people tend to neglect hair health until problems such as excessive hair fall and balding occurs.

RED SUN Hairiser is a hair care product jointly formulated by Japanese nutritionists and hair care professionals. The product, after numerous laboratory tests and physical experiments, is proven to be effective for healthy hair. It is suitable for all types of hair, and can be used to reduce hair fall, split-ends and other common hair problems.

RED SUN Hairiser Infographics

 Ingredients  Benefits
 Wakame  Promote healthy hair
 Propolis  Prevents splits ends
 Tangle  Nourishes roots
 Black Bean  Black hair
 Chlorella Powder  Prevents hair loss
 Black Sesame  Prevents white hair 
 Vitamin A  Helps shaping of hair
 Vitamin B2  Healthier hair growth
 Biotin  Prevent hair loss and balding 

 Polygonum Multiflorum 

 Vibrant black hair

Recommended Dosage:
- Take 2 capsules daily before bed.
- Suitable for both men and women.

*Consume daily, regularly, and consistently for better results.
*Results may vary according to individual body conditions.

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