RED SUN Meneed

RED SUN Meneed

60 capsules/bottle

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• Support prostate health
• Boost energy levels
• Made in Japan

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RED SUN Meneed is made of maca, a nutritious herb from the mountainous regions of Peru. It contains high levels of amino acids, macaenes and macamides which can improve potency, protect prostate functions and boost virility. It is also enhanced with Zinc, Vitamins A and B6 to improve its effectiveness in supporting prostate health.

RED SUN Meneed provides a man with vigour, energy and vitality and is the ideal health tonic for men.

60 capsules

Ingredients(per capsule): 
Maca Powder - 250mg 
Zinc - 4.6mg 
Vitamin B6 - 2 mg 
Vitamin A - 2000 iu

Recommended Dosage:
- Take 2 capsules a day one in the morning and one at night after food for the first 3 months.
- Thereafter, take 1 capules twice daily.

*Consume daily, regularly, and consistently for better results.
*Results may vary according to individual body conditions.

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