RED SUN Beliver ™ - RED SUN
RED SUN Beliver ™ - RED SUN
RED SUN Beliver ™ - RED SUN
RED SUN Beliver ™ - RED SUN
RED SUN Beliver ™ - RED SUN
RED SUN Beliver ™ - RED SUN

RED SUN Beliver ™

Supports Healthy Liver Functions60 Tablets

$49.00 – $120.00
  • Strengthen Liver Functions
  • Protect Liver from Weakening
  • Support Heathy Blood Lipid Level
  • Singapore Brand, Made in Japan Products

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RED SUN Beliver - The Ultimate Solution for a Strong and Healthy Liver!

RED SUN Beliver is a Japanese-made product that has been carefully crafted to provide effective protection and strengthen the liver. By taking this product daily, you can help your liver to function at its best and maintain its health.

The Importance of Liver Health: Don't Ignore the Warning Signs of a Damaged Liver!

The liver is a vital organ that performs various important functions in the body, such as detoxification, production of bile (Bile helps with digestion. It breaks down fats into fatty acids, which can be taken into the body by the digestive tract), and metabolism of nutrients. When the liver is damaged, it may not function properly, leading to a range of symptoms. Some of the common symptoms of a damaged liver include:
  1. Jaundice: Yellowing of the skin and eyes.
  2. Abdominal pain and swelling: Pain and discomfort in the upper right side of the abdomen, and swelling due to fluid accumulation.
  3. Fatigue and weakness: Feeling tired and weak even after a good night's sleep.
  4. Nausea and vomiting: Feeling sick to your stomach and vomiting.
  5. Loss of appetite: Not feeling hungry or losing interest in food.
  6. Weight loss: Losing weight unintentionally.
  7. Itching: Itching all over the body due to bile accumulation in the skin.
  8. Dark urine: Urine appears dark or brown in color.
  9. Pale stools: Stools appear pale or gray in color.
  10. Easy bruising and bleeding: Bruising and bleeding easily due to impaired blood clotting.

A Unique Blend of Powerful Ingredients to Protect, Strengthen, and Regenerate Your Liver!

The ingredients in RED SUN Beliver are all beneficial for the liver.
  • Silymarin helps protect the liver from toxins and can also strengthen liver cell membranes.
  • Turmeric extract has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with liver issues such as inflammation and jaundice.
  • Vitamin B1 is beneficial for digestion and can help regenerate liver cells.
  • Vitamin B2 helps protect the liver from toxins.
  • Vitamin B6 helps the body better absorb nutrients from food.
  • Vitamin B12 helps to process fatty acids, which are essential for detoxification.
  • Vitamin C is important for metabolism.
  • Vitamin A promotes liver health and can help reduce fat deposits in the liver.

Perfect for Anyone Who Values Their Liver Health, Especially Those at Risk of Liver-Related Illnesses!

RED SUN Beliver is suitable for anyone looking to protect their liver and promote its health. It is especially recommended for those who suffer from liver-related illnesses, such as those listed above. People that consume large amounts of alcohol are at a higher risk of developing liver-related issues, and so taking RED SUN Beliver is especially beneficial for these individuals. People with a family history of liver issues may also benefit from taking this product as a form of prevention.

Invest in Your Liver Health with RED SUN Beliver

By taking RED SUN Beliver daily, you can protect your liver from harm and make sure it functions optimally. For the best results, try it today and experience the benefits of a healthier liver!

(Per Tablet)
Silymarin - 100mg
Turmeric extract - 40mg
Vitamin B1 - 1mg
Vitamin B2 - 2mg
Vitamin B6 - 2mg
Vitamin B12 - 4µg
Vitamin C(Na) - 50mg
Vitamin A - 500IU

How To Take?

Take one tablet before food twice daily. Take two tablets if necessary.


For optimal results, consume daily, regularly and consistently.

* Results may vary according to individual body conditions.


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