RED SUN Fucoidan - RED SUN
RED SUN Fucoidan - RED SUN
RED SUN Fucoidan - RED SUN
RED SUN Fucoidan - RED SUN
RED SUN Fucoidan - RED SUN
RED SUN Fucoidan - RED SUN

RED SUN Fucoidan

Rich Nutritious Alkaline Health Supplement60 Tablets

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  • Repair Cells & Self-Healing Capabilities
  • Improve Body Immunity
  • Easily Absorbed High Dosage (250mg) Tablet
  • Singapore Brand, Made in Japan Products

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RED SUN Fucoidan - Strengthen the Body's Self-Healing Capabilities and Restore Optimal Health

Fucoidan, a soluble dietary fiber derived from brown seaweed, is a natural source of sulphated polysaccharides, minerals, and vitamins. Recent Japanese medical and scientific research has demonstrated its ability to support the immune system, promote cell repair, prevent diseases, and contribute to overall health maintenance. These tests have also shown that regular consumption of at least 250 mg of fucoidan extract, in combination with Brazilian mushroom extract, can strengthen the body's self-healing capabilities and restore optimal health.

Experience the Benefits of Fucoidan with RED SUN Fucoidan:

RED SUN Fucoidan is a premium-quality, all-natural supplement that contains high levels of fucoidan extract in tablet form. It is the first fucoidan supplement made in tablet form which can be easily consumed and absorbed by the body, making it highly effective. Here are some of the benefits of taking RED SUN Fucoidan:

  • Boosts the Immune System:
Fucoidan's immune-enhancing properties help fight infections and diseases by stimulating white blood cell production. RED SUN Fucoidan contains high levels of sulphated polysaccharides, making it a potent immune booster. Fucoidan has been shown to have anti-viral properties, which can help to prevent and treat viral infections. This is because fucoidan can inhibit the replication of viruses, making it harder for them to spread and cause harm.

  • Supports Cell Repair and Regeneration:
Fucoidan's antioxidant properties protect cells from oxidative stress and inflammation. It also promotes cell repair and regeneration, which is crucial for maintaining optimal health.

  • Promotes Self-Healing:
RED SUN Fucoidan, in combination with Brazilian mushroom extract, enhances the body's self-healing capabilities by promoting cell growth and regeneration. Regular consumption of this supplement supports the body's natural healing processes and helps maintain optimal health.

  • Cardiovascular Health:
Fucoidan has been shown to have a positive effect on cardiovascular health by helping to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as reducing the risk of blood clots.

Who Can Benefit from RED SUN Fucoidan?

RED SUN Fucoidan is suitable for anyone looking to support their immune system, enhance cell repair and regeneration, and promote self-healing. It is especially beneficial for:
  • Older adults who want to maintain optimal health as they age
  • People recovering from illnesses who want to speed up the healing process
  • Individuals with weak immune systems who want to boost their immune system and prevent infections and diseases.
By regularly consuming RED SUN Fucoidan, you can empower your journey to optimal health and well-being.

(Per Tablet)
Fucoidan Extract - 250 mg
Brazilian Mushroom Extract - 30 mg

How To Take?

To be taken before meals.

For general well-being, take 1 tablet daily. If necessary, take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 at night.

For those with health problems, take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 at night.

Note: If you are taking other Chinese or Western medications, it is advisable to wait for a gap of one to two hours before consuming this product.


For optimal results, consume daily, regularly and consistently.

* Results may vary according to individual body conditions.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Siew G.S.

Red Sun is a name which I trust. This maybe the first time buying Fucoidan from Red Sun, I am assured of the quality.

Cheng H.T.
RED SUN Fucoidan

Just started taking RED SUN Fucoidan. Will monitor and see its effect. Was recommended by friend to try this product


Fantastic product !!! 👍

Chris W.
Very happy customer

I have had a serious health issue for the last two years and having been taking fucoidan for most of that time and it has helped me immensely through the treatments and my overall health

Kah B.L.
Good for immunity

I have been taking RED SUN Fucoidan right after my cancer surgery six years ago until now. It is a good health supplements that I believe strongly that improves my immunity and reduces the toxin in my body. As a senior citizen, I fhink the strengthening of my immune system is of paramount importance, and RED SUN Fucoidan can really help in this regards Like many health supplements, the price is on the high side. Nevertheless, it is useful and I shall continue to take it. I am taking two tablets a day.