RED SUN Hairiser ™ - RED SUN
RED SUN Hairiser ™ - RED SUN
RED SUN Hairiser ™ - RED SUN
RED SUN Hairiser ™ - RED SUN
RED SUN Hairiser ™ - RED SUN

RED SUN Hairiser ™

Hair Nutrition Supplement60 Capsules

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  • Special Formula for Hair Health
  • Support Healthy Hair Growth
  • Aid Hair Concerns
  • Singapore Brand, Made in Japan Products

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RED SUN Hairiser -
Comprehensive Hair Care with Complete Nutrition

RED SUN Hairiser is a nutritious hair care product, jointly developed by Japanese nutritionists and hair care experts, specifically formulated with effective ingredients to nourish and protect different hair types. Extensive laboratory tests and experiments have proven the effectiveness of this product in safeguarding and maintaining optimal hair health.

The Hair Growth Process

Hair growth is a complex process that involves a cycle of four distinct phases: anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen. During the anagen phase, the hair follicles of the scalp are actively producing cells to form the hair strands. The catagen phase is the transitional phase, during which the hair strands start to detach from the scalp. The telogen phase is the resting phase, when the hair follicles remain dormant. Finally, the exogen phase is when the hair strands are shed from the scalp and the cycle repeats. Hence, it is crucial to nourish and safeguard your hair proactively, rather than waiting until it becomes too late.

Early Prevention for Worry-Free Hair Condition

Hair, similar to the leaves on a tree, requires an ample supply of nutrients to grow thick, lush, and resist easy shedding. The average adult scalp contains approximately 100,000 hairs, with a normal daily shedding range of 60 to 80 hairs. However, excessive shedding can result in gradual thinning, commonly referred to as hair loss. The causes of hair loss encompass various factors such as genetics, hormonal imbalances, underlying illnesses, dietary deficiencies, medications, exposure to chemical products, radiation, trauma, or microbial infections. It is crucial not to overlook hair loss if you are experiencing it.

To mitigate hair loss and maintain healthy, voluminous hair, it is essential to prioritize proper nutrition and care. Adequate intake of essential nutrients can contribute to reducing hair fall and promoting a fuller appearance. RED SUN Hairiser is a remarkable product offering exceptional strengthening and conditioning properties. It facilitates comprehensive hair nourishment, promotes scalp health, and effectively addresses concerns like hair loss and split ends. Through consistent and long-term usage, RED SUN Hairiser can restore and enhance the quality of your hair, resulting in healthy and vibrant locks.

10 Nourishing Ingredients

RED SUN Hairiser contains 10 nourishing ingredients suitable for all hair types. These nourishing ingredients help to provide your hair with the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong.

  1. Wakame (Bud of Japanese seaweed) [90mg] - Promote Healthy Hair
  2. Propolis [50mg] - Prevent Split Ends
  3. Kunbu [40mg] - Roots Nourishing
  4. Black Bean [40mg] - Black Hair
  5. Chlorella Powder [20mg] - Prevent Hair Loss
  6. Black Sesame [20mg] - Prevent White Hair Growth
  7. Collagen [20mg] - Improve Hair Follicle and Strengthen Hair Root
  8. Vitamin A [2mg] - Helps Shaping of Hair
  9. Vitamin B2 [2mg] - Healthier Hair Growth
  10. Biotin [0.2mg] - Prevent Hair Loss and Balding

Suitable for Men and Women

RED SUN Hairiser is a versatile hair care supplement for both men and women, suitable for all hair types. Allow RED SUN Hairiser to nourish your hair from within, promoting the growth of dark, thick, healthy, and beautiful hair.


(Per 2 Capsules)
Wakame (Bud of Japanese seaweed) - 90mg: Promote Healthy Hair
Propolis - 50mg: Prevent Split Ends
Kunbu - 40mg: Roots Nourishing
Black Bean - 40mg: Black Hair
Chlorella Powder - 20mg: Prevent Hair Loss
Black Sesame - 20mg: Prevent White Hair Growth
Collagen - 20mg: Improve Hair Follicle and Strengthen Hair Root
Vitamin A - 2mg: Helps Shaping of Hair
Vitamin B2 - 2mg: Healthier Hair Growth
Biotin - 0.2mg: Prevent Hair Loss and Balding

How To Take?

Take 2 capsules daily before bed.


For optimal results, consume daily, regularly and consistently.

* Results may vary according to individual body conditions.


Customer Reviews

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Great Health Product

Been supporting this product for 10 over years

Works for me

Tried this product and I feel that my hair fall is lesser during showering and combing. Will continue taking.