RED SUN Ling Zhi

General Supplement for Overall Health60/150 Capsules

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  • Protects and Regulates Organ Functions
  • Immunity Booster
  • Effective and Nourishing Healthcare Benefits
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150 Capsules
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RED SUN Ling Zhi 

A Reliable Health Food to Strengthen & Nourish your Body

The Legend and Legacy of Ling Zhi

Ling Zhi (Ganoderma lucidum), commonly known as the "King of Herbs" has been revered as a powerful medicinal herb and a source of longevity for centuries. You may have come across the tales of Ling Zhi's miraculous properties, passed down through ancient Chinese folklore. Legend has it that Ling Zhi was the sought-after elixir of immortality by the ancient emperor Qin Shi Huang.

Ling Zhi is highly regarded in ancient Chinese medicine, with the classic text "Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing" (《神农本草经》) considering it as the best medicine. Numerous Chinese medicine books highlight the extensive tonic properties of Ling Zhi, emphasizing its ability to promote health and well-being without any adverse effects. It has since become popular worldwide as a great general supplement for overall health.

Protecting and Regulating Organ Functions

Just like the engine of a car, the human body relies on well-maintained and cared-for organs for optimal performance and strength. RED SUN Ling Zhi is especially effective in protecting and regulating organ functions, maintaining the normal functioning of the body's organs. By maintaining the normal functioning of the body's organs, it establishes a strong and robust system that enhances the body's natural defenses and strengthens its resilience. 

This comprehensive support leads to improved physical fitness, ensuring the body operates at its peak potential. Moreover, RED SUN Ling Zhi promotes restful sleep, allowing for better rejuvenation and revitalization, while boosting vitality and energy levels. It also inhibits the formation of blood clots, balances blood pressure and cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, and supports physical problems such as menopausal disorders and skin irritation.

Promotes Restful Sleep

Better Rejuvenation and Revitalization

Inhibits the Formation of Blood Clots

Balances Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Regulates Blood Sugar

Boost Vitality and Energy Levels

Supports Menopausal Disorders

Aids Skin Irritation

Optimal Efficacy and Quality with RED SUN Ling Zhi

To further enhance the benefits of the RED SUN Ling Zhi, vitamin C is included in the formulation. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in facilitating the absorption of Ling Zhi's beneficial compounds by the body, thereby promoting optimal health outcomes for consumers.

Furthermore, RED SUN Ling Zhi undergoes meticulous cultivation using advanced technology in a pollution-free environment. This process enables precise quality control and enhancement, maximizing the purity and medicinal properties of RED SUN Ling Zhi. The production facilities strictly adhere to high sanitation standards, ensuring optimal conditions. Rigorous quality control measures and inspections are in place to uphold the stability and efficacy of RED SUN Ling Zhi, prioritizing the health interests of consumers.

RED SUN Ling Zhi - A Trustworthy Choice for your Health Needs

Introduced as our very first product in 1994, RED SUN Ling Zhi continues to be a bestseller even today. Its lasting popularity not only speaks to its historical significance but also underscores the product's effectiveness and positive impact on our customers.

Poor Immune System


Healthy Ageing & General Upkeep

Weak Body Constitution

RED SUN Ling Zhi is a suitable supplement for individuals of all ages for general health, particularly those who are weak or experiencing health concerns and seek to improve their overall well-being, strengthen their body, and enhance their immune system. With its high-quality formulation, effective benefits, and health-promoting properties, you can trust RED SUN Ling Zhi to provide the support you need for optimal health and wellness.

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Customer Reviews

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Mai D.
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I feel comfortable to buy product from Red Sun. We have good communication from buying till products were delivered. So far so good. Thanks

Red Sun Ling Zhi

I have been taking Red Sun Ling Zhi for more than 20 years and I do not encounter any health issues so far.



Liang H.

Ling zhi has been helpful for my health generally. I also trust the quality after this product being in market for so long already. Cannot skim on health, has to get the best!