RED SUN Sleepjoy ™ - RED SUN
RED SUN Sleepjoy ™ - RED SUN
RED SUN Sleepjoy ™ - RED SUN
RED SUN Sleepjoy ™ - RED SUN
RED SUN Sleepjoy ™ - RED SUN
RED SUN Sleepjoy ™ - RED SUN

RED SUN Sleepjoy ™

Insomia Aid Health Supplement30 Tablets

$39.00 – $105.00
  • Enhance Sleep Quality
  • Improve Sleep Disorder
  • Calms Nervous System
  • Singapore Brand, Made in Japan Products

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RED SUN SleepJoy - No longer counting sheep, but sound asleep!

RED SUN SleepJoy is a Japanese manufactured health supplement that is designed to improve sleep quality and reduce symptoms of insomnia in a natural and safe way. Made from natural ingredients and contains no artificial additives, it contains a combination of calming ingredients such as Pearl Powder, Apocynum Venetum, Magnesium, Niacin, Vitamins B1 and B6. Studies have shown that Pearl Powder has calming effects on the nervous system while Apocynum Venetum has therapeutic effects for insomnia.

RED SUN SleepJoy is Suitable for Individuals Experiencing the Following:

  1. Physical conditions that cause pain or discomfort in the body that make it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep.
  2. Physiological changes: Environmental changes or hot weather can disrupt sleep patterns and make it challenging to adapt to new sleeping conditions.
  3. Psychological factors: Anxiety, restlessness, low mood, work pressure, or unhappiness can contribute to insomnia by keeping the mind active and preventing relaxation.
  4. Nervousness, depression, or psychiatric disorders: These conditions can interfere with sleep and lead to insomnia.
  5. Medication use: Certain medications can have side effects that disrupt sleep, resulting in insomnia.
  6. Fear of insomnia itself.
  7. Disruptions to the natural sleep-wake cycle due to jet lag or work-related factors can all induce insomnia. They can lead to daytime sleepiness and insomnia at night.
  8. Consumption of specific foods and beverages:
    • Caffeine-containing teas or coffee.
    • High-sugar drinks or juices causing elevated blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia).
    • Alcoholic beverages that affect the depth of sleep.

Detrimental Effects of Insomnia on Health

  1. Weakened immune system and increased vulnerability: Lack of sleep compromises the immune system's ability to defend against illnesses, making individuals more susceptible to various diseases.
  2. Slowed metabolism: Insomnia can disrupt metabolic processes, leading to a slower metabolism and potentially contributing to weight gain or difficulties in maintaining a healthy weight.
  3. Decreased resistance to diseases: Insufficient sleep reduces the body's ability to fight off infections and illnesses effectively, making individuals more prone to getting sick.
  4. Negative impact on mental health: Insomnia is associated with irritability, heightened aggression, and increased anxiety. In severe cases, it can even lead to psychosis or depression.
  5. Impaired cognitive function: Lack of sleep hampers memory consolidation, reduces attention span, and causes mental fatigue and confusion. It can also contribute to the occurrence of headaches.
  6. Interference with daily functioning: Insomnia disrupts work, study, and overall daily life by impairing concentration, productivity, and performance.
  7. Accelerated aging process: Chronic insomnia has been linked to accelerated aging, both in terms of physical appearance and overall health.
  8. Effects on children: Insufficient sleep in children can impact their physical growth and development, potentially leading to developmental issues.
  9. Physical signs: Insomnia can result in the appearance of dark circles, deep eye bags, dry and sagging skin, and an overall tired and worn-out appearance.

Addressing insomnia and prioritizing quality sleep is crucial for maintaining overall health, well-being, and optimal functioning in various aspects of life.

Tips for a Good Sleep

To get the most out of RED SUN SleepJoy and to improve sleep quality, here are some tips to help you get a good night's rest:

  • Relax and listen to soothing music.
  • Do light exercises to relax your muscles before bedtime.
  • Sleep at a fixed time daily.
  • Soak your feet in a hot bath for 20 minutes before bedtime.
  • Avoid eating supper before bedtime.
  • Avoid acidic or caffeinated beverages before bedtime.
  • Have more contact with the sun in the morning.

RED SUN SleepJoy is a reliable solution for enhancing the quality of your sleep and facilitating the process of falling asleep. It enables you to enjoy a restful and undisturbed sleep experience, eliminating the need for traditional sleep aids like counting sheep. With RED SUN SleepJoy, you can bid farewell to sleepless nights and embrace a peaceful and rejuvenating slumber. Say hello to blissful sleep with RED SUN SleepJoy!


(Per Tablet)
Apocynum Venetum - 200mg
Pearl Powder - 50mg
Magnesium Oxide - 100mg
Niacin - 5mg
Vitamin B1 - 2mg
Vitamin B6 - 2mg

How To Take?

Take 1 tablet two hours before bedtime. Take 2 tablets if necessary.

[Attention]: If insomnia persists after six months of consumption, consider consulting a doctor.


For optimal results, consume daily, regularly and consistently.

* Results may vary according to individual body conditions.


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