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RED SUN Japan Chlorella

Good quality product

I started taking this because friends recommended it. Fast delivery and dependable brand. I've since ordered other products from Red Sun!

Red Sun Hairiser

I have been consuming this product for more than 3 years and it really helps to maintain my hair growth

A pleasant tea with great benefits

It tastes light and comfortable to have in the morning. Helps reduce leg pain.

RED SUN Fucoidan
Siew G.S.

Red Sun is a name which I trust. This maybe the first time buying Fucoidan from Red Sun, I am assured of the quality.

RED SUN S.O.D Anti-Acid Tea

RED SUN S.O.D Anti-Acid Tea has improved my overall well-being


Fast delivery

This is my first purchase of Red Sun Cholesser. I have been taking other Ren Sun products for many years and I trust the brand.

Spores lingzhi

The products works on me, they are especially powerful to heal my hermroid.

RED SUN 3-in-1 Ling Zhi Cracked Spores

Reliable brand. Good product.

RED SUN Fucoidan
Cheng H.T.
RED SUN Fucoidan

Just started taking RED SUN Fucoidan. Will monitor and see its effect. Was recommended by friend to try this product

Loyal Customer

My mom has drunk Red Sun S.O.D Anti-Acid tea for around 30 years. She used to have urine acid, it was gone for around 10 years ago. Currently she drinks this tea every 2 days.

Pine bark extract

Good quality and will consider to buy again.

Berry bright

Fast delivery.
1st time to try berry bright, hope it helps!

Recent purchases

I feel comfortable to buy product from Red Sun. We have good communication from buying till products were delivered. So far so good. Thanks

I feel prettier

The product is useful for me. My pores are smaller, and skin feels brighter and smoother. Overall skin looks healthier. Happy with the purchase!

Red Sun Ling Zhi

I have been taking Red Sun Ling Zhi for more than 20 years and I do not encounter any health issues so far.

Fantastic product !!! 👍

Excellent quality!!! 👍

RED SUN Japan Chlorella

Helps in combating fatigue, Consume it immediately upon wake up and will feel energetic later during the day.

Red Sun GinGold

Have just started with the 1st bottle. Fast delivery upon order.

Red Sun Lotus Leaf Tea

Fast delivery. Well packed. Comes in individual tea bag in a small container. I like it.

Fantastic Product

Have been taking this product for almost 6 months or maybe more. Fantastic product. Can feel that my immunity has improved as compared to before. Will continue to take this item.

Repeat customer

Fast delivery and good health products

RED SUN Cholesser ™ (Red Yeast)

helps to reduce my cholesterol. My lipid panel shows improved readings and doc has said my coronary heart disease is now at low risk