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Good for immunity

I have been taking RED SUN Fucoidan right after my cancer surgery six years ago until now. It is a good health supplements that I believe strongly that improves my immunity and reduces the toxin in my body. As a senior citizen, I fhink the strengthening of my immune system is of paramount importance, and RED SUN Fucoidan can really help in this regards Like many health supplements, the price is on the high side. Nevertheless, it is useful and I shall continue to take it. I am taking two tablets a day.

The wordings is in japanese i dont understand . How many tablets to consume per day. So i have not start taking the product please advice..


Our box packaging includes both English & Chinese product description and dosage instructions. In case you have thrown away the box packaging, the image of the packaging with the information can also be found on our website. For this particular product, please take 6 tablets daily - 3 tablets before breakfast and 3 tablets before bed for optimal result. Thank you!

RED SUN Prostator ™


I always had issues yearly where I would contract a bout of throat infection and hacking cough about 3 times a year which would take about typically a month to recover. I discovered RED SUN cordyceps about 2010 where I was recommended to start taking cordyceps to strengthen my chest and lungs so that I do not get sick. After taking Cordyceps capsule from RED SUN, my health has improved tremendously and I am still taking it daily. It has not only strengthened my chest and lungs but has also improved my lifestyle. Thanks RED SUB

Great Health Product

Been supporting this product for 10 over years

RED SUN BerryBright ™

I am using it for years. it helps. hope you can keep quality up and price down

RED SUN Fucoidan
Chiew P.Q.

Always order the Red Sun Fucoidan. It consists of great ingredients with affordable price as compared to products of the same standard!

hot flashes reduced after one week

RED SUN GinGold Ginkgo

I have been taking this for some years and it is helpful to my memory.

RED SUN Fucoidan

Authentic product

I use this on daily basis for general health maintenance for the past 2-3 weeks but i also find that i can sleep better… no more waking up in mid of the night or difficult to fall asleep … it’s awesome so far… so wl continue using it :)

Nicest green tea

I've been drinking your brand's green tea for the last 20years. Also occasionally your sod roobois and lemongrass

My Mother in law takes Linhzhi from Redsun comp for more than 10 years. She maintains her healthy lifestyle and tells us all about its benefits. Thank to Redsun!

Morning sinus

It’s helps my girl for her morning sinus after taken this spirulina.
She feels better now.
Still continue consuming.

RED SUN Japan Green Tea

All good except the external packaging

The packaging was ok a few years ago but in recent times, it is very hard to peel off the top part to slide into the gap on the side of the box.

The best source of Spirulina

Redsun is a very professional and organized supplier of Spirulina. I cooperate with them since many years and they never disappointed me.